Clicking a link helps keep free, at no extra cost to you! Wearing these gloves, you will feel comfortable and confident. The Classic X-Press is another affordable alternative that boasts a durable vinyl cover. Ideal for beginners and experienced athletes. It’s the choice of many athletes, from youth to adults to beginner champions. Practicing Heavy punches requires durable and comfortable gloves so that choosing this highest quality gloves would be a great option. This good wrist wrap is used in the gloves as the gel under gloves eliminates the knuckle pain while punching the opponents. Therefore, buying a new pair should be taken seriously. Once you combine all these features together you will get an option that will allow you to throw a heavy punch without having to worry about pain in the wrist or getting your knuckles bruised. Their design resembles the American flag and looks patriotic. The shape of the glove is near perfect and will feel great on your hands. They are made of synthetic leather which is capable of taking strong shocks. The Gel Rush is a good alternative for athletes looking to get incredible results since it boasts the same exclusive GEL Enforced Lining and tri-layered foam. They fit snugly and are very comfortable to use for extended periods thanks to the addition of a satin nylon hand compartment liner that repels moisture. Becoming a boxing champion depends on your heavier workouts and practices.