It is particularly useful for quick analyses of various types of data by curve fitting, value prediction via a standard curve, and analysis of kinetic data including enzyme kinetics. Energy for Life is a complete educational application about the vital role of human nutrition. A second tab includes a general molarity function that calculates the mass of any reagent needed to prepare a given volume of solution of desired molarity.

These fascinating apps cover a wide variety of scientific disciplines, including but not limited to astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, oceanography, and physics. All other company and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. This course material is only available in the iTunes U app on iPhone or iPad. Cost: Free, but for full functionality you need to have subscription.

It is aimed at high school, post 16 and medical students as well as hearing specialists.
The app is also available for iPad. These fascinating apps cover a wide variety of … Included are examples of three types of cells: animal, plant, and bacteria. Download Experience Biology and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. We love this quick quirky interactive game for identifying bones within the human body suitable for 10 years of age and above. These fascinating apps cover a wide variety of … The game is based on the online game and has a simple layout and great pirate themed graphics. It is even possible for the glyph source to be obtained from other medical references.

The Varsity Tutors AP Biology app for Android, iPad, and iPhone, available on iTunes and the Google Play Store, helps you create a personalized study routine to prepare for the exam. DataAnalysis is a general purpose iPad App for the plotting and fitting of all types of data that can be formulated as x, y pairs. Our list of the best iPad apps can transform your iPad, iPad mini, or iPad Pro into the ultimate tablet computer for work and play. This graphic memorization game features poems from masters like Shakespeare, Poe, Dickinson and more.

your personal biology lab. Over twenty unique puzzles will take you through the tough world of cell membrane transporters. A new educational app “Science – Microcosm 3D” will take you on a fascinating journey across the world of science. Tony has worked at PC Magazine since 2004, first as a Staff Editor, then as Reviews Editor, and more recently as Managing Editor for the printers, scanners, and projectors team. בין הצלצולים – נושאים אקטואליים חברתיים והתמודדות, Maya - Math school animal adventure for age 3 to 5, Building Atoms, Ions, and Isotopes HD Lite.

The Elements: A Visual Exploration This list is one of the products put together by students in the 2011 edition of my graduate course in Plant-Animal Interactions. DailyCalcs turns your phone into a science calculator to simplify everyday tasks in the lab. This is an app that takes fully advantage of tablet technology by giving the learner free reign to visualise and grasp difficult concepts at a pace they choose to take. This free application uses EDDMapS ( to help county, state and federal agencies track releases and occurrences of biological control agents of noxious weeds. This app changed my life. The Cell World is a popular biology app for Android devices that is comprised of an interactive animation of the inside of a eukaryotic cell.

$3.99 Infectious Diseases is a biology app that discusses several important topics in regard to infectious diseases. Start your free trial now! Learn about the various parts of the cell, which biologists, biochemists, and DNA researchers at the HudsonAlpha Institute study and use to advance the limits of biotechnology.You can use your finger to tap on parts of the cell to select and zoom in on that particular organelle. Prepare a slide and adjust magnification on an oil immersion microscope to examine a Gram-stained sample and identify microbes hiding within. Download or subscribe to the free course High School Biology with iPad by Apple Education. They all take advantage of the iPad's excellent graphical abilities and are chockfull of photos, graphs, tables, animations, audio, and even rotatable 3D virtual reality objects. ‎Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Experience Biology.

NeuroMind offers interactive clinical decision support and clinical classification and grading systems. It includes interactive illustrations, games, and animation clips, which allow users to discover an entirely new form of learning. ChemSearch utilizes the latest chemical drawing technology and Thermo Fisher Scientific’s broad range of Acros Organics fine chemicals to identify the right chemical compound and get fast reliable technical information. What is the effect of different levels of physical activity on the heart rate?

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