As Holy Roman Emperor he managed to defend his German territories in Austria from the Ottomans of Suleiman the magnificent (Siege of Vienna) and his Italian territories in the Duchy of Milan from the French of Francis I (Battle of Pavia): to finance the Ottoman-Habsburg Wars and the Italian Wars the Empire made large use of the gold and silver coming from the Americas.

So who was Charles V, what did he do with the nearly limitless power he possessed? His spiritual guide was the theologian Adrian of Utrecht (later Pope Adrian VI), a member of the devotio moderna, a religious and educational reform movement promoting literacy among the masses. [22] Charles V ratified also the German colonization of the Americas and financed the expedition of the explorer Magellan around the globe. Charles V spent his reign trying to maintain the integrity of the Holy Roman Empire against the many forces that sought to undermine it.
Ill much of the time, he spent the following year at Augsburg, where he succeeded in detaching the Netherlands from the imperial Diet’s jurisdiction while yet assuring their continued protection by the empire. Charles V was the Holy Roman Emperor, as well as the King of the Romans and King of Italy.

Making the most of their candidate’s German parentage and buying up German electoral votes (mostly with money supplied by the powerful Fugger banking family), Charles’s adherents had meanwhile pushed through his election as emperor over his powerful rival, Francis I of France. Who ... © 2020 Die Welt der Habsburger All rights reserved. The Treaty of Madrid concluding hostilities between the two countries was signed in January 1526, but as soon as he had regained his freedom, Francis rejected the treaty and refused to ratify it.

[24] He added the Philippines (named after him) to his colonial territories. As in 1532, when Charles had faced the Ottoman Turks before Vienna, neither side cared to open hostilities, with the result that the Peace of Crépy (September 1544) again more or less confirmed the status quo.

[17][18][19][20], Charles was born in 1500 in the Flemish region of the Low Countries in modern-day Belgium, then part of the Habsburg Netherlands, from Joanna the Mad (daughter of Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon) and Philip the Handsome (son of Mary of Burgundy and Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor). The new king of France, Henry II, was eagerly awaiting an opportunity to renew the old rivalry between the houses of Valois and Burgundy, while the German princes believed that the moment was at hand to repay Charles for Mühlberg.

"[25][39] In 1839, Sir Henry Ward said in the House of Commons, "Look at the British Colonial empire—the most magnificent empire that the world ever saw. In 1526 Charles married Isabella, the daughter of the late king Manuel I of Portugal. Following the death of his grandfather Maximilian I, Charles was elected King of the Romans; financial support from the Fugger banking family enabled him to outdo the bribes offered by his main competitor the French king Francis I. It was originally used for the universal monarchy of the European and American dominions under Emperor Charles V.[4][5][6] The term was then used for the Spanish Empire of Philip II of Spain and successors, in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. Imperialist goals, rivalry with Francis I, and fight against Protestantism, The Catholic Encyclopedia - Biography of Charles V, Virtual Museum of Protestantism - Biography of Charles the Fifth, Rijksmuseum - The Netherlands under Charles V, Charles V - Student Encyclopedia (Ages 11 and up). Nevertheless, there were times when Habsburg rule was disputed.

When the Protestant princes failed to put in an appearance at the imperial Diet of Regensburg in 1546, the religious and political situation turned critical once again.

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