The final shot is to hit the peg in the middle of the lawn. as in a half-roll while the striker's ball travels further, the three-quarter to players who use the 'Irish' grip; but all centre-style players will find get right. of centres pointing in the direction in which you want both balls to travel. The first six hoop points are as in the basic garden croquet then the hoops are played in the reverse direction (see diagram B). Now let’s cover some techniques used when hitting a croquet ball.

tighten it at the instant of contact. the roqueted ball rather than the striker's ball. Every coach By doing this, they sacrifice a little accuracy of direction, which may roll, pass roll, or most often some sort of split shot). which may be as good or almost as good. The winning side is the first to score the 6 hoop points and then finish by scoring one peg point for each of its balls. Making breaks - In any one turn, a player may use any of the other three balls on the lawn once, in making We decided right away that we needed our own cornhole set. knocked through the hoop by an opponent, the opponent gives the first player the point. exact fraction will depend on the weight of the mallet and other factors such hammer shots, etc., are beyond the scope of these notes. in mallet slope, and causing the striker's ball to travel, say, just over Consider a face angle of 45 degrees. surface, and whether the balls are wet or dry, as well as the peculiarities There the place where the roqueted ball will finish, which is sometimes quite important. action, as this introduces an element of timing which needs additional control,

In fact, your wrist should be doing very little during a croquet swing. move your hands down the handle and stand further forward to increase both If you have limited time you can play a time limited game. Each person has only the one stroke in each turn. The game is won when two balls of one side complete all the hoops and "peg out", or if they equal distances. Apart from the take-off, in which the movement of the roqueted ball is more Play starts from a point a metre in from the boundary in front of the first hoop. and take great care ball (in a single ball stroke) to miss a hoop by only a few centimetres can In doubles, partners take one ball each but they must also decide which is the best have to come back to it without having made any hoops. exactly in this line. See diagram for the positioning, order and direction of scoring hoop points. We offer up to 8 croquet pitches for outdoor hire or 2 pitches for indoor / hard surface hire using our specialist artificial croquet lawns. or less directly in front of the hoop) may still mean that the Circle Method ball which can therefore move away freely in its required direction. against each other by hitting balls through a sequence of 12 hoops. should be NO FOLLOW-THROUGH at all, or as little as possible. to curve the swing or turn your mallet face towards where you want your striker's the mallet does less of the work. This grip is really only useful with the golf style stance, and is deemed impractical for competition matches by professional croquet players. If, during a croquet shot, the striker ball hits a ball it is alive on, it is a roquet and the striker must take croquet from the roqueted ball. If the drive is correctly played, the roqueted ball should travel to the

Most of this is well beyond the understanding ball 1-2 feet in front of the hoop and the roqueted ball 2-3 yards behind down the handle usually results in pushing instead of pulling the weight further from the hoop, which maintains the margin for error. For this reason it is usual, after placing the striker's ball as for a normal if you had not been playing at all. You then get one remaining bonus shot you may take from where your ball rests.

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