“If I could share a stage with Charley Pride or Don Williams or Garth Brooks,” Sir Elvis said, “it would be a dream come true.”. In this second bonus music episode, we play two live songs we recorded, sung by bluegrass musicians Nora Brown and Amythyst Kiah. Country’s appeal also stems from the relatively straightforward lyrics and slower tempos, he said. Dr Sacco gives the class an assignment: Write an essay that answers the question “What is Dolly Parton’s America?” Lurking just behind that question are thornier ones about Southern shame and identity and hillbillies and football and...well, Dolly. As Dolly will tell you, so much of who she is - her creativity, her music, her stance on life - emanates from her faith, but what exactly is that faith? “This is music that stands the test of time,” she said. We explore how Dolly took the centuries-old tradition of the Appalachian “murder ballad”—an oral tradition of men singing songs about brutally killing women—and flipped the script, singing from the woman’s point of view. But then, Jad and Shima get a call from Dolly’s nephew and head of security Bryan Seaver, who makes an irresistible offer. On the other hand, she refuses to answer questions about President Trump, or any question on politics period. For the first time we’ll speak with townspeople, psychological experts, respected investigators, friends and members of both families. Helen Morales, author of “Pilgrimage to Dollywood,” gave us a stern directive – look at the lyrics!

We visit the replica of Dolly’s childhood cabin and find thousands of other pilgrims similarly entranced. Taught by Dr. Lynn Sacco, the class is filled with college students who grew up in rural Appalachia, many of whom are the first in their families to attend college. And to a place called Dollywood. And also, halfway around the world, Esther Konkara, the self-proclaimed “Kenyan Dolly Parton,” who sings "Tennessee Mountain Home" as an ode to the hills of Nairobi - hills she has not yet left.

Dolly Parton and politics have always had an interesting relationship. The trance opens a portal to many questions about country music, authenticity, nostalgia and belonging. Increasingly, Kenyan country singers are writing their own music about love and longing, in an American twang. One of Dolly’s most iconic and successful songs is “Jolene,” a song that, at first listen, is about a romantic rival trying to steal her man: a prime example of the classic “cheating song.” But some. Two years later in 2018, their neighbors, the Wagners, were arrested and charged with committing the largest massacre in Ohio’s history. Except this was not East Texas, but Nairobi in East Africa, where American country music has a surprisingly robust, and growing, following. Dolly’s business conglomerate decided to eliminate “Dixie” from the name, which caused further uproar. Jeff Tang, Charles Hagaman, and everyone at National Sawdust. Kenyans, Mr. Kimotho said, “can identify with the stories in the songs.” A type of music called Mugithi, a genre developed in central Kenya and traditionally sung with guitar accompaniment in the Kikuyu language, has a country feel, giving its listeners an affinity for modern American country music. Justin Hiltner (@hiltnerj, http://justinhiltner.com) Esther Konkara (@esther_konkara) Steph Jenkins (@slhjenkins, http://www.stephaniejenkins.info) Stephanie Coleman (@stephiecoleman) Courtney Hartman (@courthartman, https://www.courtneyhartman.com) Shelley Washington (@shelleyplaysaxy, http://shelleywashington.com) Bora Yoon (@borabot, http://borayoon.com) Caroline Shaw (@caroshawmusic, https://carolineshaw.com). In this episode, we go back up the mountain to visit Dolly’s actual Tennessee mountain home. European settlers, mostly British, transported the music here during Kenya’s colonial era, which ended in 1963. A Dolly Parton-loving singer named Esther Konkara has recorded her own songs, which are played on local radio stations. de Dolly Parton's America instantaneamente no seu tablet, telefone ou navegador - sem fazer qualquer download. We visit the replica of Dolly’s childhood cabin and find thousands of other pilgrims similarly entranced. So we dive into Dolly’s discography, starting with the early period of what Dolly calls “sad ass songs” to find remarkably prescient words of female pain, slut-shaming, domestic violence, and women being locked away in asylums by cheating husbands. Hosted by Jad Abumrad, creator of Radiolab and More Perfect. This episode tells the story of the “Porter years,” the period during which Dolly arguably discovers her power - both as a performer and songwriter - and then makes the difficult (and radical for its time) decision to strike out on her own.

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