The cross-support can be made using wood, composite plastic or aluminum. Careful so you don't go too deep – spinach has shallow, delicate roots! The vines are quite attractive – particularly the cultivar ‘Rubra’ (often listed as Basella rubra) which has burgundy stems and leaves with pink veins – so could be incorporated into any ornamental landscape, such as trained onto tuteurs to provide a vertical element in a bed or border, or onto a fence or other structure. The most popular height for raised beds is 11″.

The deeper clay does not affect the shallow roots, and they benefit from the added moisture.

This warm season vegetable is very frost sensitive and should not be planted outdoors until a few weeks after all danger of frost has passed.

The red-stemmed type is complemented by annuals with red or pink flowers or foliage, such as coleus, zinnias, or cosmos. Since gardening containers and planters have bottoms, the soil depth is limited.

These will be covered with more soil.

This plant roots readily where the stems touch moist soil and is easily propagated from tip cuttings which root readily in water. Flowers are quickly followed by purple to black fruits. We teach, learn, lead and serve, connecting people with the University of Wisconsin, and engaging with them in transforming lives and communities.

This may make sense if you plan to grow a variety of crops in a single bed, and want to locate the taller plants at the rear (north) of the bed to prevent them from shading the shorter plants. Once the bed is filled to within a few inches of the top, add fertilizer and compost. Although the plants can be allowed to ramble or climb other vegetation, they are best grown on a sturdy trellis when grown as a vegetable.

– Susan Mahr, University of Wisconsin – Madison. Try combining the vine spinach with dark-leaved basil or beets, Swiss chard with pink or red petioles, and blue-leaved kale for a dramatic edible planting. Gardeners can compensate by building the raised beds higher to allow for more root space. Some gardeners prefer to layout their raised beds vertically to the sun (north to south), reasoning that this arrangement minimizes plants shading each other. In addition to being edible it can also be grown as an ornamental foliage vine. Malabar spinach is easily grown from the small rounded seeds. These final amendments should be added within a week or two of planting, since you don’t want early spring rains to wash these valuable amendments too deeply into the soil. Young malabar spinach plant. A row of bush beans, medium-sized plants at maturity, is planted behind the lettuce. Some vegetables, like spinach and spring radishes, have very shallow roots and don’t need more than 4 to 6 inches of soil to grow successfully.

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