Served with Ponzu sauce (2pcs), Specially Grilled and deep fried skewered octopus meatball covered on rich teriyaki sauce (6pcs), Chef's special deep fried pork and vegetable inside a rice wrap served with special sauce (3pcs), California Roll, 2 nigiri, chicken teriyaki, tempura, green salad, rice and miso soup, 4 Sashimi, 2 nigiri, beef teriyaki, tempura, green salad, rice and miso soup, California Roll, 2 sushi, salmon teriyaki, tempura, green salad, rice and miso soup, Vegetable Roll, tofu and vegetable teriyaki, tempura, green salad, rice and miso soup, California roll with 6 nigiri (tuna, salmon, ebi), Dynamite roll with 6 nigiri (tuna, salmon, ebi), Edmonton roll with 6 nigiri (tuna, salmon, ebi), Spicy tuna roll with 6 nigiri (tuna, salmon, ebi), Edmonton roll, Dynamite roll, and 3 pcs of nigiri, 6 pcs Nigiri, California Roll, Edmonton Roll, and Appetizer Tempura, House Seafood Salad, California roll, Dynamite roll, Yam roll, Spicy Tuna roll, Edmonton roll, Hot Night roll, House roll, and Assorted Tempura, 42 pcs for 3. Rainbow roll, Shrimp Killer roll, Hot Night roll, House roll, Dynamite roll, Edmonton roll, Spicy Tuna roll, California roll, Crab, avocado with baked fresh water eel encircled in flames, Shrimp tempura, crab with unagi, avocado, tobiko on top, Prawn tempura, crab, cucumber and spicy tuna, Prawn tempura and crab with shrimp on top, Prawn tempura, crab, cucumber and smoked salmon, tobiko on top, Spicy tuna roll, avocado and seared tuna with a sauce, Shrimp tempura inside with sliced avocado, Crispy on top, crunchy spicy tuna roll with a sauce, A whole soft shell crab, avocado with special sauce, Fresh water eel, spicy tuna, crab, fish roe, House special combination of deep fried tuna, green onion, and avocado drenched in rich teriyaki sauce. Welcome to Kabuki Sushi, Canton, MI Our restaurant is a traditional Japanese and Korean style restaurant. Japanese Pork Wrapped in pan fried goodness, Cold noodle salad served with Ebi or Tako, Grilled fresh green asparagus with a dash of sea salt, Deep fried chicken/squid accompanied by rich Teriyaki Sauce, Specially marinated seared salmon or tuna bedded on green onion. Rappi. gentle fruity aroma, rounded rice flavor and rich in umami, unfiltered 05 61 301 748. California roll, 2 Dynamite roll, 2 Edmonton Roll, Spicy Tuna roll, Chopped Scallop roll, Smoked Salmon roll, and 10 pcs Nigiri, 50 pcs for 4.

Uber Eats. Dulces, salados, frutales o picosos. Seasoned with teriyaki or shioyaki sauce, Yellowtail Hamachi Collar barbecue grilled. Lightly seared and marinated thin sliced beef or fresh Hokkigai bedded on sweet red onions and hearty seaweed. Top 5 Happy Hour spot. Family owned and operated in the Arizona west valley since 2006.

), 2X1 Restaurante KABUKI. Nevado Roll Por dentro: Camarón empanizado, pepino y aguacate.

gorgeous incense like a fruit and a flavor of the original rice, junmai daiginjo, Yamaguchi [ 4-5 Servings ] Todos los días Makis y makis especiales Disfruta de Kabuki Sushi hasta la puerta de tu casa. Mejor restaurante de Madrid según la revista Metrópoli de El Mundo. KABUKI SUSHI CUGNAUX. Since then, our family have been serving both quality interpretations of traditional Japanese and daring new western style Japanese cuisine. La mejor variedad de platillos japoneses. Restaurante de cocina japonesa fusionada con mediterránea en Madrid. tropical flavor with an exceptionally clean finish, Sapporo | Asahi | Dry | Kirin | Ichiban | Kirin | Light, Japanese bottled beer with small hot sake, regular black / green / mango / peach / raspberry, green tea / lychee / mango / mint / strawberry, coke / diet coke / sprite / minute maid orange soda / odwalla lemonade / pibb extra, natural mineral water ACQUA PANNA / sparkling natural mineral water SAN PELLEGRINO, * complimentary refillscorkage (per bottle): sake & wine 15.00. selections may vary upon regional availability. Perfectly grilled and seasoned with teriyaki or shioyaki sauce, Fresh salmon fillet perfectly grilled. Didi Food. Thank you for signing up for email updates.

sweet and milky taste with a hint of vanilla and rich sake flavor, Junmai Daiginjo KABUKI SUSHI Japanese & Asian food in Pitt Meadows. Kabuki Sushi South opened in December 2013 and is located on Gateway Blvd by Ramada Hotel. Didi Food. © 2017 Grupo Gastronómico Kabuki algunos derechos reservados. Special Chef's treat rich in mixture of organic salad and fresh fish on special house dressing, Crunchy deep fried soft shell crab with house sweet sauce, Grilled Chicken and green onion on a skewer, Specially prepared pork and beef grilled. Since then, our family have been serving both quality interpretations of traditional Japanese and daring new western style Japanese cuisine. (10 pzas. Served with rice, Marinated premium tender beef strips and vegetables with special chef's sauce, Specially prepared pork cutlet with special pork sauce, with salad and rice on the side, Specially prepared chicken cutlet with special sauce, with salad and rice on the side, Chicken and vegetable stir mixed with specially prepared egg topping on rice, Beef and vegetable stir mixed with specially prepared egg topping on rice, Pork cutlet and vegetable with specially prepared egg topping on rice, Choice of California Cone, Tuna, and Salmon, Choice of Dynamite, Spicy Tuna, Edmonton, Chopped Scallop, Negitoro, Smoked Salmon, B.C, Paired choice of Tuna, Salmon, Tai, Hokkigai, Ebi, Tako, Saba, Ika, Tamago, Inari, Avocado, Paired choice of Hamachi, Sockeye, Chopped Scallop, Unagi, Toro, Uni, Hotategai, Tobiko, Ikura, Masago, Amaebi, Seared Tuna, Seared Salmon, Combination of 2pcs Unagi, 2pcs Hamachi, 2pcs Toro, 2 pcs chopped scallop, Combination of 2pcs marinated Tuna, 2pcs Saba, 2pcs Salmon, and 2pcs Unagi, Various fish and vegetable on a bed of rice with sesame oil, Canadian, Coors Light, Kokanee, Budweiser, Bud Light, Corona Extra, Pilsener.

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