But, the present epidemic and lockdown conditions leave no other choices than embrace the advance technologies to make the world a better place to live in at this pandemic situations.

You would even be, able to withdraw money from the ATM using nothing but your face, The Three Technology Entrants That Will Additionally Redefine the World in the Next 2 Years. Ltd., a mobile app development company situated in Noida, U.P. As per announcements at CES Asia 2019, exhibitors and manufacturers promising to bring autonomous vehicles into the consumer market by 2020. In only a matter of time, every device that we have surrounded, will be able to function and perform actions with a command of our voice. What's really amazing is how the scientists who invented made it work. and solidifies instantly as it exits the A Dutch-based company Pal-V offered a flying car called “Liberty” on sale and is expected to make deliveries by the end of 2020. To put it simply, we can say that human augmentation does hold substantial potential in the future of technology. How Technology Helps Us in Our Daily Lives? Cut to the chase content that’s credible, insightful & actionable. You must be apprised of companies like Tesla, Alphabet, and Waymo, and the one thing that is common among them is their objective, which is to craft impeccable autonomous vehicles. For achieving this, the starting point can be using edge-specific and colocation networking abilities. This is a small chip that replicates the function of a neuron. In fact, the current time of text messaging being the frontrunner, and a prevalent part of users’ interaction with their devices, is also slowly passing us by – The, The near future with a set of new upcoming technology trends, will find itself conducting more operations with a voice command.
An insertion of personal data into public blockchains can be a major worry for 75% of public blockchains by 2020. WowWee, a company based in Hong Kong Blockchain Technology; Inventions and Discoveries List in Science and Technology.

Since some of the technological inventions in 2020 have been limited to science-fiction movies are till now are expected to … Edge computing is a computing element where everything from – information processing, content collection, and its delivery are situated close to the source of information. The coating also repels water, dirt, stains, mildew, fungus, bacteria and viruses. Delft University of Technology, Quantum Internet Alliance, University of Science and Technology of China ... clinical trial are expected in the second half of 2020.
Sources: nanopool.eu;dailymail.co.uk Graphics: Cinezi.

While the present time is that of predictive analysis, with software giving out prompts on the basis of users’ behavior and past interaction, in the coming time, the plethora of collected user data will help businesses in a much different way. What all places they check into on social media? It takes seconds, and without painful surgery. Robotics, Autonomous vehicles, Security and Surveillance Systems are the fastest growing industries by adopting AI. The entertainment world will literally create the next generation of stars. And, when you play ‘Pokemon  Go’ game and see your face through Snapchat-lens’ face-filters are the most familiar examples of Augmented Reality. In a digital ecosystem that’s transitioning from SMAC to the distributed ledger and quantum computing, where does your business stand? extensive experience in bringing products This is now changing thanks to a new model that has a full vascular system that can connect to the body's existing systems, according to Scientific American. And, the Augmented reality is which bring computer-generated perceptual objects and information into the existing real world. Mixed with. All rights reserved. Conventional surveillance systems are not smart. “Deployment of these networks will emerge between 2020 and 2030.”. The technology, with its potential to mimic human brain, has offered a myriad of opportunities/functionalities to different business verticals, such as Real Estate, Healthcare, Education, Travel, Finance, and more. In 2020, traditional banks will hold greater value, but businesses will need to carve out more adoption space for growing digital transaction sources. While prevalent in only a handful of industries right now, by 2020 the world will see its mass adoption. There are a number of ways automation will create its presence around us by becoming one the most awaited new technologies of 2020. Since some of the technological inventions in 2020 have been limited to science-fiction movies are till now are expected to become the existence of.

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