The army cooperation aircraft was a rather unclear category. No. No. The concept of the army cooperation aircraft, capable of reconnaissance, artillery spotting and a bit of light bombing was quickly abandoned. Less clear was whether he or the pilots understood the army co-operation role and what the army wanted, which was tactical reconnaissance and artillery reconnaissance capability – photographic reconnaissance and observation of artillery fire in daylight – up to about 15,000 yards (14 km) behind the enemy front. It is a regular at vintage air shows, including the Shuttleworth displays and "Flying Legends" at Duxford. This example was a composite, restored from three aircraft by the RCAF as a Centennial project in 1967 and is painted in the early war temperate land scheme (Dark Earth and Dark Green over Sky). The wings were equipped with automatic slats which lifted away from the leading edge as the airspeed decreased towards stalling speed. 16 squadron at Old Sarum, but had largely been replaced by the Mk II with home squadrons before the start of the war. These squadrons were given a mix of aircraft, including Hudsons, Whitleys and Halifaxes as well as the Lysander. It flew for the first time following its restoration a few weeks before the Museum's Flyfest on 20–21 June 2009. The forward part was duralumin tube joined with brackets and plates, and the after part was welded stainless steel tubes. Initial training was conducted at RCAF Station Rockcliffe (near Ottawa, Ontario) with No. In 1934 the Air Ministry issued Specification A.39/34 for an army co-operation aircraft to replace the Hawker Hector. "[10] The view of Army AOP pilots was that the Lysander was too fast for artillery spotting purposes, too slow and unmanoeuverable to avoid fighters, too big to conceal quickly on a landing field, too heavy to use on soft ground and had been developed by the RAF without ever asking the Army what was needed. Of nine Lysanders sent to Greece, three were destroyed in the brief campaign, before the squadron was evacuated. It had a girder type construction with a light wood frame around that to give the aerodynamic shape. Armament: Two forward firing 7.7mm machine guns in wheel fairing, two 7.7mm machine guns in rear cockpit Initially Hawker Aircraft, Avro and Bristol were invited to submit designs, but after some debate within the Ministry, a submission from Westland was invited as well. [18] The Germans knew little about the British aircraft and wished to study one. The Westland design, internally designated P.8, was the work of Arthur Davenport under the direction of "Teddy" Petter. 138 (Special Duties), was formed to undertake missions for the Special Operations Executive to maintain clandestine contact with the French Resistance. On a normal approach, the inboard slats and the flaps would begin to open when the airspeed has dropped to about 85 mph (136 km/h, 74 knots) and be approximately half down at 80 mph (129 km/h, 70 knots). The Lysander also joined the ranks of the Forces Aériennes Françaises Libres (Free French Air Force, FAFL) when Groupe Mixte de Combat (GMC) 1, formed at RAF Odiham on 29 August 1940, was sent to French North-West Africa in order to persuade the authorities in countries such as Gabon, Cameroon and Chad, which were still loyal to Vichy France, to join the Gaullist cause against the Axis powers, and to attack Italian ground forces in Libya. Plates and brackets were cut from channel extrusions rather than forming from sheet steel. Of the (probably) 1,670 aircraft built, some 964 were Mk III aircraft, which first appeared in August 1940. (This was a feature of British-built aircraft only – Canadian-built machines had a conventionally fabricated assembly due to the difficulties involved in manufacturing such a large extrusion.) As with all FAFL aircraft, Lysanders sported the Cross of Lorraine insignia on the fuselage and the wings instead of the French tricolor roundel first used in 1914, to distinguish their aircraft from those flying for the Vichy French Air Force. 123 Squadron running an army co-operation school there. Despite its appearance, the Lysander was aerodynamically advanced; it was equipped with fully automatic wing slots and slotted flaps[1] and a variable incidence tailplane. It entered service in late 1938 with No. The large streamlined spats also each contained a mounting for a Browning machine gun and for small, removable stub wings that could be used to carry light bombs or supply canisters. In 1934 the Air Ministry issued Specification A.39/34 for an army co-operation aircraft to replace the Hawker Hector. The Lysander Mk II was powered by the 905hp Bristol Perseus XII sleeve-valve engine.

Current disposition is unknown. This one was restored for EXPO 86 in Vancouver, B.C. Bomb load: Eight 20lb bombs on stub winglets, Help - F.A.Q.

The front spar and lift struts were extrusions. A Lysander Mk IIIT (serial no. 138's aircraft, the Lysander could insert and remove agents from the continent or retrieve Allied aircrew who had been shot down over occupied territory and had evaded capture.

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