Mahendravarman died in battle with the Chalukyas. Considered the greatest of the Pallavas. Since Pallavas had a vast empire ranging from Nellore in the North to South Pennar River in the south a planned administration was required.Most of the kings were scholars and had good knowledge about the administration. [23], According to C. V. Vaidya, the Pallavas were Maharashtrian Aryans who spoke Maharashtri Prakrit for centuries and hence retained it even in the midst of surrounding Dravidian languages. Early temples were mostly dedicated to Shiva. Kanchipuram is well-connected by road and rail. Indian dynasty that existed between the 3rd and 9th centuries CE, "Pallava" redirects here. Temples in Kanchipuram became the center of Sanskrit and Tamil studies. Example, Narasimhavarman II used the lion as his emblem and Nandivarman II preferred the Nandi. Pallava Dynasty (UPSC Notes):-Download PDF Here.

When the European powers arrived during the 16th and 18th century CE, the southern kingdoms, most notably Tipu Sultan's Kingdom of Mysore, resisted the new threats, and many parts eventually succumbed to British occupation. The army consisted of the land army as well as the navy and the mode of fighting did not seriously differ from that of the earlier period. The Pallava dynasty was an Indian dynasty that existed from 275 CE to 897 CE, ruling a portion of southern India. [20] Sircar points out that the family legends of the Pallavas speak of an ancestor descending from Ashwatthama, the legendary Brahmin warrior of Mahabharata, and his union with a Naga princess. They were also Jains. Narasimhavarman II built the Shore Temple. Pallavas were followers of Hinduism and made gifts of land to gods and Brahmins. The Pallava dynasty was an Indian dynasty that existed from 275 CE to 897 CE, ruling a portion of southern India. Voor ander gebruik, zie Pallava (het ondubbelzinnig maken).

Kadava was the name of a Tamil ruling dynasty who ruled parts of the Tamil country during the thirteenth and the fourteenth century. The Pallavas under Skandavarman were unable to contain Mayurasharma and recognised him as a sovereign in the regions from the Amara Ocean (Western Ocean) to Prehara (Malaprabha River). [28], The royal custom of using a series of descriptive honorific titles, Birudas, was particularly prevalent among the Pallavas.

Towards the close of the 6th century, the Pallava Simhavishnu stuck a blow against the Kalabhras. These temples have a long tower known as shikhara over the place where the deity is placed.

Pallava King Sivaskandavarman of Kanchi of the early Pallavas ruled from 275 to 300 CE, and issued the charter in 283 CE in the 8th year of his reign. Dandin was a famous author of many Sanskrit words. Numerous villages were granted free of taxes to the Brahmanas by them. He performed the Aswamedha and other Vedic sacrifices and bore the title of "Supreme King of Kings devoted to dharma". They ruled for nearly 500 years. The Pallavas were great conquerors and patrons of art and architecture. [41] [42], The Pallava period beginning with Simhavishnu (575 AD –900 AD) was a transitional stage in southern Indian society with monument building, foundation of devotional (bhakti) sects of Alvars and Nayanars, the flowering of rural brahmanical institutions of Sanskrit learning, and the establishment of chakravartin model of kingship over a territory of diverse people; which ended the pre-Pallavan era of territorially segmented people, each with their culture, under a tribal chieftain.

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