A Classic Pocket Yacht […], I. Tesla Smart!

Way cool.

Last summer I did a solo delivery of a friend’s 45’ boat from Sag Harbor to Newport. Words fail me…. But I cover the waterfront, so to speak, for quality yachts of any style, from sportfish to mega-yachts. 1893, purchased by an anonymous collector, Boston; 1894, anonymous gift to the MFA. These are considered among his best; the others are Lost on the Grand Banks, and The Herring Net.

The Fog Warning is one of three paintings he produced at Prout’s Neck in 1885 describing the lives of the North Atlantic fishermen. With four cities and ten boats over five days under my jet-lagged belt, I’d like to share with you some of what I learned. Summer in Newport I am so pleased to report that our Zeelander Yachts “pop-up” boat show last month in Newport Harbor was a wonder and a joy – an [almost] living, breathing example of the “If it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t much” dynamic. The Fog Warning is one of several paintings on marine subjects by the late-19th-century American painter Winslow Homer (1836–1910).

Here he painted The Fog Warning, one of his three best paintings he completed there in 1885 depicting the lives of the local fishermen. “To renew.” My meaning today? But the most exciting by far is the the premier of a really impressive video review of our [soon to arrive] Zeelander 55. First up, […], This week, loyal clients and readers, we go through three iterations of fine yachts – The fast, the blue, and the custom! I don’t know if that’s ever been true – after all, these are the people who brought us Zeelanders, as sexy a yacht as any I’ve seen come out of Italy:   But it […], I’ve been traveling the breadth of Holland for most of September.

That would include: Another Zeelander sale; Another new summer event where you can experience our new Zeelander 55; Another cool update on said fine yacht; and, Another Zeelander 72 opportunity. Both a fishing village and an artists’ colony, Cullercoats provided Homer with more profound themes: the arduous lives of fishermen and their families. That was over 350 cats! So here in unit four of Zeelander University – […], I’ve got more fast-breaking developments for you, loyal friends and clients, coming in from all 32 points of the compass. I see this in the boat biz all the time. So grab a Heineken or two and settle down for the story. The painting depicts a lone fisherman in a dory who has caught several halibut but now sees fog blowing up, threatening to cut him off as he rows back to his ship. A big thanks to the almost two-dozen of you who took the time to send in your appreciation for last week’s Steinbeck quote from Sea of Cortez.

It’s my hope that you come to enjoy my unique take on some of the finest yachts afloat, as well as some engaging […].

Bounty’s Captain Bligh himself: Where is the best place to store my […], I. Zeelander’s Latest Video Review I have a lot to share with you all today, about yachting things both big and small. Sixty-five years after Bogart starred in The Maltese Falcon, famed Italian builder Perini Navi stunned the yachting world with this namesake: With a budget of almost $200 million, owner Tom Perkins could have chosen to have this yacht built by anyone, anywhere in the world. On any given day I write about whatever yachts I like.” But thinking about it later, that seemed just a little shallow.

You Snooze, You Lose…. If you laughed last week, get ready to laugh some more: Why, you may ask,  all this talk about headaches in what is supposed to be a yachting blog?

This is the moment that Winslow Homer shows us in “The Fog Warning,” which he painted in 1885. Much of what I’ve learned comes from my experiences with classic designs, like those built by Zeelander, Hinckley,  and Vicem Yachts.

And my clients, I am very proud to say,  are very hard […], I. Portuguese for “peaceful, or gentle…” I’ve heard it said over the years that “Northern European’s don’t do sexy.” Yachts, that is.

The boat show was at the old New York Coliseum, on Columbus Circle.


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